As a young boy, Hesh enjoyed watching his mother cook. He wanted to become a cook, but starting off meant starting at the bottom. So Hesh got a job at Wendy's Old Fashioned Burgers in West Springfield, Mass One day soon after the grand opening, they were very busy, as the nearby church had let out and everyone came by to check out the new Wendy's in town. Hesh had the job of preparing the buns with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sauce, then the cook would place the burgers on the buns. Since they were working fast, sometimes their accuracy wasn't 100%. An older man came back to the counter with the bun open in his hands; the lettuce and tomato visible on one side, pickles & sauce on the other. He asked Hesh, "Where's the beef?" Dave Thomas was standing behind Hesh and heard the customer. He pulled Hesh into the back and asked him "Hesh, what are you doing? Where's the beef?" Apparently a light bulb went on... a year later, everyone was saying "Where's the beef?" as it became a nationally-run commercial That gave him a start in the food industry. Hesh progressed from Wendy's into other restaurant kitchens, learning breakfast, lunch and dinner meal preparation. He worked at a Chinese restaurant for 2 years, to learn the cooking of a different culture. From there he went to the Hyatt, where he studied culinary art with a German chef, Harry ??. Over the years at the Hyatt, Hesh worked with internationally-acclaimed chefs. Hesh started his culinary education on the island of Maui, Hawaii, in 1982. He worked for Hyatt Regency, at their five star restaurant, The Swan Court.  Since then he has opened a restaurant side by side with great chefs such as Roy Yamaguchi and DK Kadomo.  Hesh started using food fusion, which is mixing cultural food to create a different flavor in his classic dishes. He was a chef for the owners of the Taj Mahal Hotel, and served The Prince of Saudi Arabia, Carol Burnett, Chevy Chase, and Linda Evans. He loves to cook and enjoys serving people.  His culinary experience includes most foods from around the world, such as Italian, Chinese, Hawaiian, French, Japanese, Persian, Indian, and German, just to name a few.  He will work with you on an individual basis to prepare a custom menu. Chef Hesh's food: One of Hesh's 'secrets' is his sauces. He has about 20 sauces which he has created over the years to fuse his cultural cuisine experiences into a unique blend of flavors. Hesh takes his ingredients from common items all over the world. He says each culture has their own set of spices and flavors, although the base ingredients may be similar. Chinese, French, Italian, Malaysian, Indonesian - he's incorporated all these 'tastes' together to come up with something different, that people have not yet tasted. "When I set up a menu I try to include things that enhance the taste with a bit different cultures - people will take a bite and taste a bit of India or a bit of Germany..."
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